Who Am I?- In Telugu: Self-Inquiry P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

ISBN: 9781492236320

Published: August 23rd 2013


244 pages


Who Am I?- In Telugu: Self-Inquiry  by  P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

Who Am I?- In Telugu: Self-Inquiry by P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju
August 23rd 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 244 pages | ISBN: 9781492236320 | 8.31 Mb

Humanity developed the present state of mind in evolution.So it is developed in course of time in evolution.Thought is a movement of past experiences to the present challenge.As far as objective reality is concerned we require the aid of past experiences in the present context.

But in psychological arena we relate with others, nature, plants, animals etc.Life is action in relationship.We are not sensitive to life in the present moment because we already came to conclusion about the other, about ourselves and nature.So in relationship Insight with perception of still mind is required.Majority of us we can exist without thoughts and mind is more fresh and rejuvenated if we have thought-free mind when action of thought is not required.Action of thought during relationship bring past into observation and the observation is clouded by smoke of the past.

So we have learn how to look at inner things, psychological problems without clouds of past interfering in observation.If we want to see the whole map we must have insight, looking inner without the aid of thought.Looking with thought limits our observation and it further complicates the problem due to partial looking at the problem.

To have insight and looking psychological problems with innocent consciousness we must have a free mind that is devoid of any prior conclusion, judging, condemning, evaluating the thing we are looking at. For this kind observation Self-inquiry is very useful.Now we are acting from limited ego and limited ego has limitrd perception and action resulting in residue of regrets which brings disorder of human mind and so aq very disordered state of society and values which is quite obvious in daily life.Self-inquiry is the only way to bring an orderly mind and a society that is orderly and which is based on love.

The present chaos in the world is brought about by disordered mind and because it constitutes majority of humanity it is considered sane. If people do Self-inquiry and act spontaneously out of love such action is complete and have no regrets and residue of incomplete experience which is the cause of ego.If atleat some people start doing Self-inquiry which brings radical revolution in the functioning of mind with right thinking it is real virtue and society becomes orderly without any compulsion.Just as we study matter in objective science, we study the nature of the subject and its mechanics of functioning through movement of thought the science of Self-inquiry is required.

So Self-inquiry is a science of inner, it is nothing to do with prayer, faith, belief, dogma. Kindly consider doing Self-inquiry for your mental health and right thinking. This book is written for benefit of 90 Million Telugu speaking people living in India and abroad.

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