Phoenix Rekindled Dale Delaney


Published: November 16th 2013

Kindle Edition

406 pages


Phoenix Rekindled  by  Dale Delaney

Phoenix Rekindled by Dale Delaney
November 16th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 406 pages | ISBN: | 8.67 Mb

Phoenix Rekindled“Phoenix Rekindled” is an action thriller, with an earthy erotic background, it is written around: -Nick Laughton, a British expatriate based in Sydney Australia, owner/operator of a charter fishing boat. Down on his luck, damaged mentally and physically by a motor vehicle accident, Nick is at the end of the road, with no desire to carry on living.Miki Lee, an orphaned Eurasian on the run from Triads is seeking revenge on Lam Kim Man, the Drug Lord who had abused her and killed her parents.Jenny McConnell, an Aboriginal girl living under abysmal conditions, abused and bullied, a virtual slave trapped by circumstances.In a chance meeting on the ocean, Nick rescues Miki and several million dollars worth of narcotics.They fall into a tempestuous relationship and in a spectacular scenario sell the drugs to a Korean gangster on Sydney’s Circular Quay.The deal is far from uneventful, resulting in the death of the one of Nick’s friends and the Korean.Armed with literally sackfuls of money, Nick and Miki travel across Australia by car and pick up Jenny on the journey.After the failure of reconciliation with her family in Perth, Jenny joins with Nick and Miki to travel by boat to Malaysia,Indonesia and Singapore.The boat trip brings them into contact with Australia’s unspoilt northwest, and in utter contrast, the horrors of modern day pirates.

It also allows Miki to obtain revenge upon Lam Kim Man by means of computer internet bank fraud.The finale sees a breathtaking scenario of torture followed by a car chase and spectacular climax.

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